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  • Getting your new SSL certificate doesn’t get any easier than this. You simply order it directly from your own Web Site Control Panel and it will be ready for you in minutes. No reason to search for a diverse firm used just for an SSL and you can forget being required to waste time waiting for many days to get it made.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • Applying and implementing an SSL Certificate by yourself can be tough and even complex. By reason of this, if the domain name is hosted here, you will get your SSL certificate installed immediately. Virtually no configuration needed – our smart system is going to do everything and setup for you.

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  • The 24x7 support group is always on line, happy to help. If you’ve got queries about your SSL certificate, or require assistance configuring it for your personal website, we are available to guide you. And also we provide an typical reply time of within 20 mins.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL with Net Stargate

An SSL certificate will add by far the most helpful protection layer to your sites. In case you are the owner of an electronic store and receive fees, then an SSL Certificate is truly a must because it will enormously improve the customer’s trust in your website.

With the help of Net Stargate, you can obtain your own SSL Certificate from your web hosting Control Panel. And when your domain name is hosted at Net Stargate, we will automatically set up the SSL Certificate on your behalf. No other set–up or hands–on setting are needed.

Further than the basic SSL, there is also a Wildcard SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL Certificate could be linked to multiple hostnames concurrently. This is really handy if you want to secure a number of web sites at the same time.

SSL, both standard and wildcard, that you can get from Net Stargate, come with a proper 2048–bit data encryption with a $10 000 USD warranty.You can acquire an SSL certificate with all of Net Stargate’s web hosting services – Linux shared hosting and Linux dedicated hosting.

Whois Privacy Protection

Do not concern yourself about your online info

The WHOIS information pertaining to your domain name becomes publicly available to everyone immediately after the domain name registration procedure itself. You’ll be able to evade that by ordering an Whois Privacy Protection service for your domain. With it, your personal or business information, including your name, email and home address, will be substituted with fictional information. To order Whois Privacy Protection for your domain, just select the domain name and after that click the Whois Privacy Protection icon to activate this service.

This particular service is available with the majority of the universal and country–specific domain extensions that we’re offering. Make sure you look at the TLD information page on our web site to learn which domain extensions are Whois Privacy Protection–eligible.

Whois Privacy Protection

DNS Record Administration

Achieve total control over your DNS settings

Through the Custom DNS Records section of the Domain Manager, you’ll able to modify all the DNS resource records associated with your domain with merely a single click of the mouse! All important types of DNS resource records are supported, including A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. All you need to do is specify the new value for the DNS record that you want to add or modify, click on the action button and allow some time for the new resource record to be propagated all over the world. An alternative option is to revert a DNS resource record to its default value.

Furthermore, if you want to make your site’s nameservers resemble your domain, you can achieve that with merely one single click through the Domain Manager.

DNS Record Administration

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Efficiently register a variety of domains

If you are creating an Internet brand, you simply cannot depend on one domain name. To develop a strong brand identity as well as to protect yourself against any online identity theft, you have to secure several domains simultaneously – my–brand.com, my–brand.net, etc. Within the web hosting Control Panel you’ll find an effective solution to this problem – our bulk domain name registration tool.

You can register many domains at the same time and even submit different WHOIS information for each one of them.

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Setup location–based redirections

The Domain Manager gives you the chance to address a given target audience based upon its physical whereabouts. Using the GeoIP location tool, you’ll be able to effortlessly direct the visitors from a specific region to a certain section of your website that addresses their needs. For example, if you want to make a French version of your website, you can set up a sub–domain fr.your–website.com and utilize the tool to point the individuals from France and from the French–speaking countries to this particular subdomain.

The GeoIP redirection tool offers a simple interface through which you can set up a redirection with just a click of the mouse. There’s no necessity to add any code to the .htaccess file.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Domain Redirection

Point your sites to virtually any host on the web

With our domain name forwarding tool, you can point a domain or a subdomain in your account to any web site at all. It sports a simple–to–use interface, which permits you to redirect the (sub)domains of your preference with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Hence, you will not need to deal with elaborate modifications to the .htaccess file.

In order to redirect a domain name, just indicate a desired destination path and our smart tool will accomplish the rest for you and will instantly forward the domain to the preferred location.

Domain Redirection

Quick WHOIS Updates

A simple way to manage your personal WHOIS info

When a person or an organization registers a domain, they are required to furnish detailed and accurate WHOIS information. Since this info has to be kept accurate all the time, it may often need to be edited.

From the Domain Manager, you can quickly modify the WHOIS info for each of your domains whenever you want. All you have to do is enter the new details and then click the Edit button. The modifications will be instantly reflected online. You’ll be able to alter the WHOIS info for one or multiple domains simultaneously.

Quick WHOIS Updates
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