A site installer tool looks like the script installers which many hosting businesses offer. While the latter are used to set up an app without being certain whether it is suitable to develop a certain kind of Internet site, the website installer offers more options to select from so that once a certain application is set up, you shall be able to build the site you wish. Very few firms provide website installers, but this sort of software tools make it much simpler to pick what app to use for your website if you don't have a lot of experience and aren't certain what the different applications out there are employed for - blogs, online stores, etc. It's very important to know that a site installer isn't the same thing as an online site builder - instead, it allows you to install a ready-made Internet site that you'll be able to start customizing based on your needs from the administrator area of the app that you have selected.

Website Installer in Shared Hosting

All shared hosting packages that we offer feature a site installer. The software instrument features a very intuitive interface, so configuring your site will be quite simple even if you haven't had a hosting account before. It takes three basic steps to have your website up and running - select your domain name, pick the type of site - CMS, blog, wiki, e-commerce, etc., pick the login details for the script and you're done. We have thousands of beautiful themes that you'll be able to pick from on the second step and you shall see the relevant ones depending on what function you have chosen for the website, so you can have a unique website immediately. The tool and all themes that are offered inside the hosting CP come by default with every single package deal and at no additional cost, so you could save a lot of cash on web design services and still have a professional website.